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Want a care free life? Start using SoreFix all stages cold sore balm.

SoreFix Lipbalm

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Simon’s moments to use SoreFix:

Busy at work

A new assignment came in from an important client and it is my job to make the presentation to them. It is a great challenge but unfortunately also pretty stressful for me. Long and busy days, less sleep and low resistance. At this moment I felt the tingling starting. The last thing I wanted to worry about was a cold sore. So I immediately used SoreFix and gave the presentation cold sore free.



During winter holidays I tend to get cold sores. The coldness is the cause of them. Fortunately, I know the chances are that I will get cold sores during winter holidays so I always bring SoreFix. Now I can enjoy the holiday without having to worry about getting cold sores.


I became an uncle!
My sister just gave birth to a baby boy. I jump in the car to visit my sister and the new baby. Unfortunately I have a cold sore so I won’t be able to give my new nephew a hug. Thanks to SoreFix my cold sore was gone in a few days and I could hug him all day.

Recognize your triggers and prevent a cold sore:

  • Fatigue
  • Low immune system
  • Illness such as fever and cold
  • Cold weather
  • Exposure to intense sunlight (UV)
  • Dry or chapped lips
  • Injury to the lips (e.g. after dentist treatment, hot tea, etc)
  • Stress
  • Monthly period