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Do’s and don’ts

If you have a cold sore, do’s and don’ts:

Do’s Don’ts
Sleep and relaxation Kiss your loved ones
Wash your hands frequently with soap and warm water Touching and rubbing on the cold sore
Protecting babies and young kids Eating salty or acidic foods
Apply the product only to the affected area or blisters Cups and eating utensils should not be shared with another person
Practise safe sex
Take care when applying or removing make up

 Do’s and don’ts to prevent cold sores:

Do’s Don’ts
Have enough sleep Kissing a person with a cold sore
Avoid your triggers Intense sunlight (UV)
Recognize the signs of an outbreak Biting your lips
Eat healthy food Avoid sharing towels, razors, cutlery, toothbrushes, or other objects that a person with a cold sore may have used
Keep your lips moisturised with lip balm
Take vitamin supplements if you suspect you don’t get enough from your diet.
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