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How does SoreFix work?

The SoreFix cold sore products consist of a unique transparent patented lip balm formulation. The lip balms effectiveness is based on the combination of two zinc components.

A physical filter protects the lip from cold sore triggers that cause cold sore outbreaks, such as sunlight, dry/chapped lips, seasonal influences, and injury to the lips.

The zinc salts encapsulates herpes virus infected cells, preventing them from affecting healthy cells. This allows SoreFix lip balm to prevent cold sores.

Apply SoreFix to the entire lips at moments when at high risk of catching a cold sore. In general, people run a higher risk when resistance is low, due to:

  • stress,
  • fatigue,
  • exposure to sunlight,
  • extreme cold,
  • menstruation,
  • rough or dry/cracked lips, and
  • disease (like the flu or a cold).

It is recommended to implement a rest period of 3 – 5 days after each 30-day period of continuous use.

When you have a cold sore, SoreFix can be used to treat it. Apply the lip balm as soon as possible, as soon as the first symptoms appear (a.o. tingling, pulsing, painful and burning sensation, blisters). Apply the lip balm until the cold sore has disappeared completely up to a maximum of 30 days. See a health care professional if the cold sore hasn’t improved after 2 weeks. SoreFix can be used during every phase of the cold sore.

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