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Who is SoreFix for?

SoreFix is for everyone who:

  • Feels the first tingle of a cold sore outbreak.
  • Suffers a cold sore blister.
  • Has an increased risk of a cold sore outbreak, e.g. in case of stress, fatigue, sunlight exposure, cold weather, monthly period, chapped lips, illness.
  • Is three years and older.
  • Has several cold sores outbreaks during a year, because SoreFix also prevents.
  • In particular, for those people who are able to recognize the triggers that cause their cold sores. With SoreFix they can prevent a recurrent cold sore.
  • Active water sports men, such as sailing, surfing, swimming and kiting.
  • Cold sore sufferers that plan to visit newborn babies.
  • A person with impetigo could also use SoreFix.

Often cold sores occur during holidays, both in the winter (cold weather and lower immune system) and summer (intense sunlight), so be well prepared and take the SoreFix lip balm on holiday.

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