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Why is SoreFix different?

SoreFix has a unique action; it works differently than any other cold sore treatment. SoreFix not only treats tingling and cold sore blisters, but also prevents cold sore outbreaks!

Traditional anti-viral treatments only work when the virus has infected the skin cells whereas SoreFix prevents the virus from triggering healthy skin cells.

SoreFix works at an earlier phase than most anti-viral treatments. When there is an outbreak SoreFix helps to protect healthy skin cells and prevents further spreading of the herpes simplex virus.

SoreFix lip balm:

  • Prevents cold sores
  • Reduction in severity of cold sore symptoms
  • A shorter time to full recovery from cold sores
  • Unique patented formula
  • SoreFix
  • SoreFix
  • SoreFix
  • SoreFix