SoreFix Duo Patch

The first patch with wound healing ingredient

SoreFix Duo Patch is the first and only transparent patch with a wound healing ingredient. An ultra-thin, transparent, hypoallergenic patch that adheres to the lip. The path contains 0.5% hyaluronic acid that actively moisturizes the cold sore. The patch forms a barrier on the lip and is make-up resistant.

What can SoreFix Duo Patch do for you?

  • Promotes wound healing & relieves itching
  • Reduces risk of infection
  • Transparant, hypo-allergenic, make-up resistant
  • 12hr effective and protects

SoreFix Duo Patch

SoreFix Duo Patch contains 15 active patches that are suitable for single use. A cold sore is very contagious, wash your hand after using SoreFix Duo Patch.

Medical device. Please read the leaflet before using SoreFix Duo Patch.