SoreFix Duo Patch active patch

SoreFix Duo Patch is the effective solution to protect and camouflage the lip in all cold sore phases while actively promoting recovery. The transparant, hypoallergenic patch with 0,5% hyaluronic acid adheres to the lip, actively moisturizes the cold sore which promotes the recovery of the cold sore. Get back in control!

What can SoreFix Duo Patch do for you?

  • Promotes wound healing & relieves itching
  • Reduces risk of infection
  • Transparant, hypo-allergenic, make-up resistant
  • 12hr effective and protects

SoreFix Duo Patch contains 15 active patches. 

Effective & discrete solution to get rid of your cold sore

  • Active patch with wound healing ingredient
  • 12hr effective
  • Prevents contamination of others

A cold sore is very contagious, wash your hand after using SoreFix Duo Patch. More tips? Read the Do’s and Don’ts

Medical device. Please read the leaflet before using SoreFix Rescue.