SoreFix Prevent Cold sore lip balm

SoreFix Prevent is a zinc-based lip balm that prevents a cold sore by forming a physical barrier which protects the lips from external cold sore triggers. Also, SoreFix Prevent contains a high sun protection factor (SPF 30), natural oils and vitamin E for improving the lipcondition.

What can SoreFix Prevent do for you?

  • Prevents cold sores
  • Forms a protective shield that blocks triggers
  • Has a high sun protection (SPF30)
  • Improves the condition of your lips with natural oils and vitamin E

SoreFix Prevent can be stored for ONE year after opening.

Nourishing lip balm

SoreFix Prevent cold sore lip balm is rich in natural oils and vitamin E to improve the condition of the lips. SoreFix Prevent can be used daily to prevent a cold sore and to nourish the lips.

Medical device. Please read the leaflet before using SoreFix.