Cold sore triggers

To prevent cold sores, you should avoid the triggers that can activate the virus. Most people know when a cold sore is likely to occur. There are several triggers that can activate (the herpes simplex virus) a cold sore, these vary per person. The most common triggers are:


Low immune system

Illness such as fever, cold etc.

Cold weather

Exposure to intense sunlight

Monthly period

Dry or chapped lips



The symptoms of cold sores can be very annoying. You can often divide the cold sore period into different phases. It often starts with a tingling in the lip. You feel itch, pain or a burning sensation. The affected skin turns red (erythema) and small, round pimples (papules) develop. The cold sore develops in such a way that blisters develop and can burst open. The cold sore is surrounded by red and inflamed skin.

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Prevent cold sores?

Not everyone’s cold sore outbreak is triggered by the same trigger. Cold sore triggers vary from person to person. Try to identify what may cause your cold sore outbreaks and avoid an outbreak by using SoreFix Prevent cold sore lip balm.